The Jaundiced Eyes

It was a wintery evening and she sat all alone inside her bedroom. She sat in her chair, staring blankly into space. She sat as if she was in a trance, uncaring to the ways of the world outside the confines of her room. She, the Queen of her kingdom had confined herself to her bedroom for almost three months now. She had almost forgotten how to smile and her face was always bereft with any sign of happiness.

The first time ‘it’ had happened was 3 months ago. That incident had shaken her to the core and had induced her into such a state. Her room was one that was suited for a queen. Beautiful tapestries and equally stunning paintings hung from the walls , contrasting with the dark but delicate masonry on them. The furniture was made from the finest material available in the land which gave it an unmatched comfort level. The best chefs in the land worked in her castle and sent in ambrosial meals which could make even a dead man drool. An amazingly crafted hearth provided a soft glow to the room and kept the chill at bay making the room cozily warm.  But all these things gave no pleasure to her. She would wake up every morning , walk to her window and take a look at the terrain outside. White was all she could see all around her. Considering it was winter time and her kingdom witnessed heavy snowfall every year, the land as far as she could see was covered with white snow . She did not know what felt worse , the monochrome of her view , the chill it brought or the fact that she had now begun to hate snow which she previously used to like. She cared not for jests, food or other happier things in life. Only snow remained transfixed in her mind. The incident had truly changed her.

She slowly got up from her chair and made her way to the wall to complete her daily ritual, a ritual she had been following for many years for now. But the incident that took place 3 months ago during the ritual had caused her to go into such a state. She stood in front of a great mirror . The frame of the mirror was engraved with many symbols not of any known tongue. She looked into the mirror and spoke the lines-

‘Mirror , mirror on the wall ,

Who is the fairest of them all? ‘


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