It was a cool and calm night. I had just returned home from work. My wife smiled at me as I entered my small cottage. My five year old kid ran up to me and held on to my hands. The same hands that needed some rest now , after a full day of work. My son led me to the kitchen area and asked me to sit. The warm fire burning on the stove and the glow it emitted was a welcoming site.

My wife placed my dinner in front of me. A meal of meager proportions , that’s all I could afford right now. But at least it was warm. I live with my wife and kid in a small cottage. It isn’t much , but it is home. For now. But I believe it will soon change for the better. My hands will bring about the change. My wife sat in front of me and asked me about my day. Well, it was just like all my other days had been for the past 10 years. I would go to the location of the project and do my work. I was a sculptor , and in the words of my employer – a really good one. For the past ten years I had been working on this one project. One of the biggest and prettiest projects ever worked upon. Again , these were the words of my employer. I had never stepped out of my village other than to work , so I had pretty much no clue. In the 25 years I have lived , this has been the biggest work that has come my way. My employer paid decently. He was a good man.

I had finished my meal. My wife and son had gone to sleep. I decided to enjoy the beautiful moon before ending my day. The moon was glowing in it’s white splendor. It was full today. A complete moon. Just like the project I had been working on. The project was finally complete. My employer had been very pleased with the outcome. He called it a masterpiece that could never be copied. He had said that he would reward everyone who had helped the next day. Yes, my hands which I have always believed in , will change my fortune tomorrow. I decided to take one last look at the moon. It was so pretty , so pure , so white. Just like the finished project. My employer had already decided on a name for it.

The Taj Mahal.

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