Ganesh sat patiently on the marble floor. This place – the Seth’s bungalow always awed him. An enormous bungalow with a bevy of curtain lined windows and a huge oak door. Milky white and surrounded on all four sides by well maintained green lawns , just like a lotus surrounded by it’s leaves , the bungalow was truly a splendid sight. In contrast , the Seth looked  unappealing and his behavior made him all the more disgusting. His face was fat and swollen much like his eyes which looked at Ganesh impassively.

Ganesh had been sitting for fifteen minutes , waiting for the Seth to finish his phone call. Upon finishing it, the Seth had promptly put a paan into his mouth and gestured for Ganesh to begin, and he did begin – pleading.

“Sethji , we had talked only a week ago. Please don’t back out of the deal. “

The Seth began to speak , his words barely recognizable due to his full mouth – “Ganesh babu , that was but a week back. I already received what I wanted from elsewhere just two days ago. You were just a bit late. I don’t need what you have to offer. “

Ganesh was not giving up.

“ Please , I really need that money. I needed that one week to convince my wife. I am ready to sell what you wanted. What I have to offer is in very good condition.“

“No, Ganesh. The deal is- “ Seth paused to spit out a red mixture of spittle and paan – “Off. Don’t waste my time. “

The Seth got up from his armchair and was about to leave. Ganesh burst into tears and joined his hands.

“Please, Sethji. I need the money to tend to my farm. If I don’t get it, I will have no food. “

The Seth looked at Ganesh as he began sobbing uncontrollably.

“Okay. I will make the purchase. But I will pay you ten thousand less than the earlier promised sum. Yes? “

Ten thousand was a big loss for Ganesh. But he knew he had no choice. The Seth made the rules and he , a mere farmer had to follow them.

“Yes Sethji. I will sell for ten thousand less. Thank you. “ said Ganesh head bowed.

“Very good Ganesh babu. You may leave now. I will send the money over to your house.” – said the Seth with a sadistic smile.

Ganesh turned to leave.

“ Wait .” – said the Seth.

“ Make sure you send your daughter tomorrow morning. “

Image Credits – Rudhika Kawar


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