All my pieces are in place. I have almost achieved what I had aimed for. The world will be mine. Soon. This is my story.

I was born in very turbulent times. There were frictions in my parent’s marriage. And they split up just after my birth. A family was something I had never had. My childhood was spent standing up to the various ‘white’ bullies in my neighborhood. I had learnt to hide from them. But I hadn’t forgotten the running and hiding. I remembered every single incident and it would not be forgotten, ever. Friends are something I couldn’t make. I could never bond well. That is when the idea struck me- ‘Why fit in? I could  take over the world. Mould it as I pleased. Mercilessly.’ I knew that I could never hope to gain allies, someone like me. But I decided to use my ability to cause conflict and separations , to best effect. And so my quest began.

I started from my neighborhood. Chaotic times followed. I moved on from area to area influencing the inhabitants of not only rural areas but also densely populated areas , filled with the whites. But stealth had been my number one priority. My game would have ended if the whites had found me out.  Every day my forces would grow. My followers would in turn influence more to my cause. My followers were my clones in every sense. They echoed my feelings, my thirst for take-over and my quest for dominion. It was years and years of planning and waiting, taking all the opportunities that appeared. Getting stronger and stronger , while at the same time avoiding detection. Detection would have jeopardized my entire operation and that is something I wouldn’t allow at any cost. It was indeed a long wait. Forty years. But now, I am strong enough. I am ready.

Like I said, all my pieces are in position. Even if the whites detect me now, they can do naught but make a vain attempt to stop me. The world is already mine. All I need to do is pull the final strings. The third stage of my plan is complete. I have won.

I, Cancer.


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