A terrifying dream

He would meet her soon. They had been married for 3 years now. Their demanding work schedule had pulled them apart, but only in distance. The only thing, he hated traveling, and now he had to travel. Last and final journey, he consoled himself. I’m never going to stay away from her ever again, he smiled.

He flashed his ticket at the official. The official gave him a courteous smile and allowed entry. He sat, it was a comfortable window seat. Popped in a few sleeping pills and looked out. Soon enough the world he knew became a blur and he dozed off.

A terrifying dream! The vast ocean ,on all sides. Gigantic grey ships, boats and people talking urgently. A search for some elusive object, destined never to be found. Then in the middle of the ocean was his wife, hovering just above the ocean surface. She was beautiful with perfect hair and dark brown eyes, but she looked hollow, devoid of emotions, as if someone had ripped her heart out. He stared at her in disbelief, an unknown fear gripping him. She extended her hand towards him. He tried reaching her, but she was too far. The earth started shaking vigorously. And suddenly the calm ocean , rose with a vengeance, threatening to swallow everything in its path. He screamed at his wife, telling her to move out of the way. But no voice came. He tried lunging towards her. But he couldn’t move. He couldn’t protect her. Her voice echoed their vows- ‘ Till death do us apart’. He begged to be awoken from this dreadful dream, his wish was granted.

He opened his eyes, but only for a second. His seat was rattling uncontrollably. Fear lingered in the air. He looked outside the window and the terror gripped him. Then, it went blank. His last and final journey, indeed.

Headlines for the next day- ‘ MALAYSIAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 370 MISSING’

-Authored by Purva

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