Mission (Part 2)

There were a couple of minutes left for the next mission to begin. Timothy removed his headphones and cupped his face with his palms. He looked at the cluttered mess of beer bottles and wafer packets lying around him. He sighed. A thirty year old man, sitting in front of a screen , shooting at virtual people. What had his life come to?

He had always been fascinated by video games, right from when he had been a kid. Shooters especially had been his favourite kind. Even as a kid, he would spend hours and hours honing his virtual gun totting skills. Video games were truly interesting for him. A sentiment his parents had never shared. They would nag, scream , threaten and sometimes assault him to get this madness out of him. But, Timothy never gave up. Even after his dad took away his video games, he would continue playing at his friends’ places. Of course, this too, was stopped once his parents came to know. But it was too late. Video games had become his drug and shooting people, his addiction. The withdrawal from video games affected his teenage mind. He could no longer concentrate on his studies and his grades became progressively lesser. Timothy’s parents had never understood. They continued to scream at him, expecting their harsh words to make an impact on his mind. But they only led to him distancing himself more. This continued for a few years. Till one day, a sixteen-year old Timothy ran away from his house, vowing never to return. The beeps of the ‘mission begin’ warning brought Timothy’s attention back to the screen. He put on his headphones and readied himself for the next mission.

No good. This mission had been a bust as well. Timothy removed his headphones and quit the game. He scanned his desk looking for something to drink. He spotted an unopened soda can. He popped it open and took a long gulp. Hours of gaming had left him thirsty. He looked at his watch. 1 am. It was late and he decided to go to bed. It had been a bad day. He had failed his missions.

“But at least I can try these missions again tomorrow.” – He said, glancing at his legs as he pushed his wheelchair towards his bed.


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