FFAW: The Fan

I had never thought this was a good idea. Testing urban legends was foolishness. Chester and Robin, my closest friends, convinced me otherwise.

We met outside the abandoned warehouse at midnight, checked our flashlights and double-checked our resolves. This was supposed to be the warehouse of horrors. The story had started when a bunch of homeless people had gone exploring it. Only one of them made it out. He spread the tale. Since, the bodies were never found; the adults brushed the tale away as the ramblings of a mad man. However, it became a popular story among us kids. We stepped inside and shone our lights around. All we could see was the fan. It was huge. However, for some reason it looked lonely. It wanted us to join it, become friends with us. We saw three ropes lying right below the fan, inviting us.

I looked at Chester and Robin, and smiled. We were going to join the fan, and together we would stay.



This was written in response toΒ FFfAW Challenge-165th

Thank you,Β Yarnspinnerr for the prompt!! πŸ™‚


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