Flash Fiction: Boots

Find the prequel here-

Part 1- Twittering Tale: Campfire

Now the story continues…

It had been planned as a regular trek – A walk through the greens, pitching tents at night and enjoying a campfire. It never turned out that way.

When they arrived in the forest, something nefarious happened. Something made the birds unwilling to rest in the greens.  Something caused an eerie fog to settle in. And that something disappeared along with the trekkers. I know not what that something was.

All we found was a single pair of boots. No body, no other evidence. Just the boots. Something had caused the originally brown shoes to turn into a sickly red.

(Find the sequel here- Part 3- Flash Fiction: Stay Out)

Word Count: 100

Written for Photo Challenge #218


Carrot Ranch


      1. I have not read anything in dark fiction for quite some time, but I am a horror movie fan. I don’t scare that easily though I lean more towards the paranormal creepy ghost type. I can handle some dark imagery but outright gore and guts is a bit much for me.

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