Flash Fiction: Travel

I checked the time. 5 pm. I was cutting it too close.

I chose to walk down the escalator, rather than wait for it to take me down. I needed to make it from Mumbai to New York in time. I had an important meeting to catch and uncharacteristically, I had ended up oversleeping. I rushed across the terminal, scanning around for any sign directing me towards gate 55. I found it. I checked the watch again. It was five past five now. I picked up my pace. This meeting was crucial to my career. I could not afford being late at all. I was almost out of breath as I reached the gate. The gate clock read 5:20. The meeting began at 5:30 pm. I breathed a sigh of relief. I had more than enough time.

The teleportation dimension was a true lifesaver.


Word Count: 144



#ALP: Transportation


  1. This story made my heart race thinking about the childhood family trips I’ve taken that required boarding a plane. I never liked it, but my parents always insisted on waiting till the last 3-5 minutes before we would actually board. We were often the last people to even get on board.

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