Flash Fiction: Hoax

He enjoyed pulling his gullible little sister’s leg.

He told her about a contraption that produced pink birthday cakes. She was severely berated when she naively asked their parents for the contraption as her birthday gift. He relished it. She believed him when he told her that the tooth fairy would pay more for her tooth if she stopped brushing. He guffawed when that drew more scolding from their parents. She even believed him when he told her about shark men.

However, he refused to fall for her hoax when she pointed out to the vulture man outside the window.

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 15th June

3 Things Challenge 18th June : Shark, Birthday Cake, Tooth Fairy

A New Daily Post Word Prompt 18th June : Contraption

Word of the Day Challenge 18th June : Hoax




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