Flash Fiction: Lunch

I was a regular at Sam’s Pub. I had been visiting it every day for the past decade, for lunch. Sam had been my best buddy since the good old days. Our allegiance kept me coming back for the same old grilled burger, every single day.

Today was no different. I was sitting in my usual spot, enjoying the beer and burger. Sam was at the bar, refilling the glass of the only other customer in the bar, a young brunette by the name of Wanda. She was nice lass, hard-working and extremely amiable. She raised her glass in toast and smiled at me. I toasted back and took a long sip from the glass. I had hardly bit into my burger, when the door of the pub swung open with great force, crashing into the wall. Sam looked indifferent, but I knew he was bugged. A tall well-built man stormed into the pub. Wanda looked terrified. He growled at her.

“Finally, found you, time to go.”

He grabbed her by the wrist, ignoring her protest. He brandished a knife and waved it at Sam and me.

I sighed and stood up.

The punk was going down, special ops style.

Word Count: 200


Sunday Photo Fiction June 23, 2018

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#SoCS June 23, 2018

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