Flash Fiction: The Tree

This is a sequel to Flash Fiction: Broken Fence.

To enjoy this story even more, do read that one before this. πŸ™‚


The old witch kept aside her pen and black book. She got up from her rocking chair and stepped into her backyard.

Her backyard led into the forest that neighbored the town. No one ever set foot inside the forest other than her. It was her forest. She had grown up in this forest, in a time when it was yet flush with animals. She walked barefoot, her ashen white feet stepping on the green grass. The foolish townsfolk had driven away the animals from their home. Β In retaliation, she made sure that any person who entered the forest, never left. Over the many years, the humans learnt to stay away from the forest. Most of them learnt it the hard way, serving examples for their descendants.

The witch reached the middle of the forest and looked at the dark tree. It was lined with clothes that once belonged to humans, humans who had made the grave mistake of entering her forest, or the graver mistake of causing her annoyance. Β The clothes were of various fashions, trends that had come and gone over the years. She thought of this tree as her trophy cabinet.

And she was going to get three more trophy’s tonight…

Word Count: 204

Written for Thursday Photo Prompt 12th July



  1. I really like that you added to the last story. I never thought about continuing flash fiction. Love the witch and the tree. When I first saw the photo small I thought it was the island with all the creepy dolls. I guess I need some glasses. Anyway great story. ☺

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  2. Like the story. Like the idea of ‘flash serial’ stories. Serial stories being fun ’cause, as writers, we’re, like, reading them as we write.
    The other fun thing about serials (both flash and other) is that the more we write, the more real the characters become and they start telling the story. (Or telling us, so we can type it out…lol)

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