Flash Fiction: Revenge 1

This is the third part of this tale.

Read the first part here – Flash Fiction: Broken Fence

Read the second part here – Flash Fiction: The Tree

Jon looked at the bottle of whiskey in adoration. It was a present from his partners in crime.

He took a swig. The amber liquid entered his body, warming up every part that it touched. Jon coughed. It was his first real drink. He took another swig. This time, the drink seemed to carry more weight inside his throat. In a gag reflex, he coughed, spraying drops of blood all over his sheet. Among the blood, he could see small wooden splinters. In an instant, Jon collapsed to the floor, clutching his throat.

The witch had claimed one. Two remained.

(To be continued)

Word Count: 100


Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge “Weight”

FoWC with Fandango “Present”


Image credit: Casadores by Carlos Torres


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