Flash Fiction: Clash

This is the Eight part of the story!

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Medusa glided towards Perseus.

The two others were insignificant, mere supporting exhibits. She was most interested in Perseus. She had two reasons to add him to her collection. Being a survivor of the Demigod programme, he was a rare breed, like her. That was the first reason. Her vendetta was the second.

She remembered the last time they had clashed just as if it was yesterday. His squad had cornered her. Caged her in like she was some sort of animal. However, they had learnt that a caged wild animal can be vicious. She had taken down his entire squad in a matter of minutes. They were simply no match for her. What she had failed to realize, was that Perseus had never considered them as his team-mates. He was more than willing to sacrifice them, to meet his objective. He had used them to trap her, and finally had imprisoned her. She had not forgotten anything.

A volley of bullets brought her back to the present. These were regular bullets, not even good enough to scratch her. However, damaging her had not been their objective. While Medusa was distracted by the volley of bullets, Perseus had managed to sneak up behind her. Medusa had learnt her lesson the last time. She knew his tricks now. Before Perseus could shoot, Medusa spun around and landed a solid punch on his face. Perseus went flying through the air and crashed into the trees.

Medusa cackled.

Time’s up, Perseus.

(Read the sequel here- Flash Fiction: Clash 2Β )

Word Count: 247


Thursday Photo Prompt: Circle #writephoto

Tale Weaver #184


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