Flash Fiction: Clash 2

This is the Ninth part of the story!

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Part 8- Flash Fiction: Clash

Happy reading!Β πŸ™‚

Cadet Billy watched on in disbelief.

Medusa was clobbering Perseus, pummeling him into the ground. The entire forest had gone silent, save for the sound of her blows. Agent Keynes signaled to Billy. Billy understood what he was saying. This was their chance. They could sneak up on Medusa while she was distracted by her vengeance, or at least try to sneak up. It had not gone too well for Perseus.

Billy sneaked through the bushes, making his way to Perseus’ heavy weapon. He watched Keynes making his way to a vantage point, readying his sniper rifle. Billy picked up the pistol and waited in position. Billy could see that Perseus would not last much longer. He was being battered by Medusa. Medusa was going to end Perseus, turn him into one of her statues. This was their last chance, and Billy knew this was the moment.

He heard the gunshot as Agent Keynes squeezed the trigger.

(Find the sequel here- Flash Fiction: Clash 3)

Word Count: 157


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