Flash Fiction: Sunset Date

She loves the sunsets, the mountains, the clouds, the breeze caressing her face, all in all she loves the scenic appeal when on a date.

She she should find the ambience nothing less than perfect, with a set table, complete with a bottle of wine, glasses, and a cozy set up, which I know she will enjoy.

There she stands, soaking in the sunset, looking gorgeous in her pretty white dress that sways in the wind, and now all that remains, is one little push…

Word Count: 85


Three Line Tales Week 136


  1. I really enjoyed this. I read a Koontz book about twenty years where a guy takes his girlfriend on a hike and they were having a great time until he gave her the push. I know it’s weird but I enjoy stories like this because I’m always asking why. Why would someone do that? Very nice!

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