Flash Fiction: Another Dark Day

Nothing has changed today. It is just another dark day.

The temperature has dropped further as the town continues to receive stormy showers. The window of my bedroom has fogged up. This fog can be wiped off with a quick sweep of my hand. I wish removing the clouds in my life was as easy. Then again, not that it matters.

The rainy weather brings with it a fresh wave of gloom. In a life so dark, what difference does a few shades darker make? The rains may bring in the gloom, but that is not the only thing. He skips office, and stays at home. He makes me face the window, and forces his way inside. Initially, I used to say no, fight back even. Then, when he refused to stop and ignored how the torrents running down my cheeks reflected the weather outside, even I stopped trying, turned stoic. Here he comes again, I am already facing the window, watching the storm contrast my numbness.

Afterall, it’s just another dark day.

Word Count: 173


FFfAW Challenge – 182nd

Manic Mondays 3 way prompt – Stoic


      1. You’re lucky, my dreams weren’t THAT bad! (Also not as good as my little girl’s, who kept me up half the night laughing out loud in her sleep! She says she dreamt she was marrying our cat…) 😸

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  1. Whoo…whew! I look forward to your entry every week. Am I a glutton for punishment? Aren’t I the bird, greedily snapping up the crumbs you drop that lures me to some dark place? Or, is it my own darkness, lurking at the frayed edges of a smile that lures me there? Oh, this pieces is a gut punch! Might I have another? Lol

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  2. Rain certainly brings gloom. Why not move to a warmer climate. I have seen so much sun, I would not mind rainy and stormy days. As long as I do not have to go out.

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