Flash Fiction: Guard

It was an abandoned house, unused for over ten years, but yet I was offered a job of security guard by the property broker, and at double the market salary, I accepted.

I was informed that my predecessor had quit the previous night citing work pressure, after his health took a toll for the worse, and the money being

I could not fathom what possible burden existed in keeping people out of an abandoned house, until I realized that the task was not to keep people out, but to keep things in….

Word Count: 92


Three Line Tales, Week 137



  1. Reminds me of when I was doing an inspection of a huge, unoccupied building. True story.

    I walked through the hallways, checking each room and then in the last room, tucked up in a sleeping bag on a camp bed, a man, snoring loudly. I closed the door and retreated. Rapidly. Only later was i told he was the security guard.

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  2. Fun story.

    Though I’d remove the “but yet” and just keep the “yet.” It makes more sense without the “but.”

    Also: Change “took a toll for the worse” to “took a TURN for the worse.” The phrase you’re thinking of is “took a toll on his/her health.” The phrase you used doesn’t actually make any sense, but it’d be a totally easy thing to overlook.

    Write on!

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