Flash Fiction: Cave Trip

I walked cautiously, clutching my flashlight, which served as the only source of light here.

The sound of my footsteps echoed across the walls of the dark cave, giving me the feeling that there was someone else inside, but I knew I was alone here, atleast I hoped so.

That is the reason I came on this trip, to explore the unexplored all by myself, hoping to make a discovery, something exciting like a treasure, or at least cave markings at the very least.

This uncharted cave served as the perfect location, being shrouded in mystery and reeking of a dark aura.

My heart stopped for a second when I spotted the skeleton remains – finally a discovery, albeit one which showed clear signs of recent burning.

However, the flesh had been picked clean off the bones, which indicated that the Glock resting in my pocket may see use very soon…

(Find the sequel here: Flash Fiction: Cave TripΒ )

Word Count: 150


Six Sentence Story “Trip”

50 Word Thursday #19

#BlogBattle: Cave



  1. caves! great settings for suspense building (built-in claustrophobia! just add one dropped flashlight). Granted, no one has asked, but I for one would not be found in a cave under any circumstances…. now that you mention it, that might make it fun to try and write a story with that as a setting.

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  2. Good start!

    Some typos though:

    “I was alone here, atleast I hoped so”
    The word ‘atleast’ should be two words: at least

    “or at least cave markings at the very least.”
    Use ‘at least’ only once in this sentence. In fact, in such a short piece it’d be best to eliminate the double use of the phrase ‘at least’ … I like ‘or cave markings at the very least’ and think you’d do well to change the ‘I was alone here, at least I hoped so’ to ‘I was alone here, or so I hoped’

    Keep up the good work. Write on.


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  3. Can’t go wrong with a good cave as a prompt! Nicely done once again. Have to say with the right mindset, expirations anywhere give that edge if you can sense history and walk through it seeking ancient treasures, clues and ghosts 😊

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      1. That’s exactly why I love myths, legends and ancient tales. Fiction minds can dabble there in any which (really should have said β€œwitch”) way the mindset chooses to interpret them 😊

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