Flash Fiction: Ingredients

I looked at the receipt and then at my shopping list.


“Okay, that’s done then. Fruits are off my list. I already got sugar, picked a generous amount of spices. Am I forgetting anything?”

I admit talking to myself makes me appear as a mad scientist to the bystanders. And they would not be completely wrong. I am a genius, so yes, partly mad, and I am a professor of science. So yeah, I do talk to myself all the time so that I do not forget something. It helps most of the times.

“Okay, so flowers are nice things. I’ll pick a nice bunch of them on the way home. That should complete all the ingredients. Oh yes! And I should definitely remember not to add Chemical X!”

Related image

Word Count: 130


SoCS Sept. 22/18

Fractured Faith Flash Fiction Challenge 4


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