Flash Fiction: The Hard Way 2

This is the eighth part in the tale. Find the prequels here:

Part 1- Flash Fiction: Cave Trip

Part 2- Flash Fiction: Cave Trip 2

Part 3 – Flash Fiction: Uninvited Guest

Part 4 – Flash Fiction: Uninvited Guest 2

Part 5 – Flash Fiction: Uninvited Guest 3

Part 6 – Flash Fiction: No Other Choice

Part 7 – Flash Fiction: The Hard Way

Now the tale continues..

The black figure placed its hand on the chest of the unconscious man.

The black, bone fingers transformed into tendrils, and pierced through his chest. The figure pulled withdrew the tendrils and in one clean move, ripped out the man’s heart. More tendrils wrapped themselves around the beating organ, giving it a pitch black colour. The heart was replaced in its location, and the tendrils sewed up the man’s chest. The black figured instantly transformed into a dense cloud. Thick red drops of blood began pouring down from the cloud, flooding the dungeon.

The voice cackled as the man drowned….

(Read the sequel here – Flash Fiction: The Adventure Begins)

Word Count: 100


100 Word Wednesday: Week 92

RDP: Colour


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