Flash Fiction: Return

Praises be sung, our lord has returned victorious.Β 

The cheers and chanting continued throughout the capital as its ruler made his triumphant return. The citizens lit torches and kindled celebratory flames in order to welcome their light bringer. They sang praises of his exploits in battle, how he alone destroyed half the enemy army. They celebrated their victory over their greatest enemy, one who was threatening their very way of existence. The roads leading to the palace looked like rivers of gold, and the palace itself shone like the sun.

The Festival of lights marked the Demon king’s return.

Word Count: 99

Prompt: Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge Nov 1


    1. By the way, I just noticed the tags, and now I feel embarrassed! Still, I guess the idea of a deceptive demonic ruler seeming like truly good light is something that isn’t really far-fetched to people of other religions as well, no?

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      1. Hey..your thoughts are quite true! πŸ˜€
        I did not go along the Satan way..but I had given it a thought..
        It is true that religion has nothing to do with it..deceptive rulers can be anywhere!! πŸ™‚

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