Three Line Tale: The Train

There it goes again, the train carrying all those little children who are soon going to be introduced to the wondrous world of magic, at the very best school in existence.

As always, I only get to see it from my ancestral home, never getting to sit inside the train, never making the journey these lucky kids are making.

The train mocks me as do the paintings on the walls of my home, all my ancestors, blessed with magical abilities, and me, the only black sheep in the family can only dream of magic….

Word Count: 94


Three Line Tales, Week 145


  1. Hogwarts Express was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture. I’m sure my story will have something to do with it too. But looks like you’ve beat me to it, Nidheesh! It must suck to be a squib. Kind of makes you understand why Mr. Filch was so grumpy all the time. Great take on the prompt. I loved it. 😀

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