Flash Fiction: Resting Place

We stood in silence.

Our camp under the abandoned bridge was hardly a location worthy to be called our leader’s final resting place. He deserves so much more than a makeshift grave and a randomly selected rock as his tombstone. None of us standing here, paying our final respects to him, would have been alive had it not been for his bravery. He was the one who saved us from the extraterrestrial invaders, and taught us how to fight back. We are lost without him. However, that could be changed.

It is a gamble, but the necromancer could help us…

Word Count: 100

Prompt: Friday Fictioneers 16th November, 2018

PHOTO PROMPT Β© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Psst..if you enjoy flash fiction, why not giveΒ Β The Wacky Weekend Challenge, a try?


  1. This is an excellent piece. While it’s tautness satisfies the prompt brilliantly, the imagery you have created cries out to be expounded upon. Would you mind if I used it as a jumping off point for my entry for your wacky weekend challenge prompt? With all deserved credits of course for inspiration?

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