Flash Fiction: Captive

I found myself unable to break free from my bindings.

I heard as my captor walked towards me with slow steps, humming to himself. I needed to break free and escape. However, with my legs bound together and hands tied behind the back of the chair, escaping was easier said than done. I could not even see where I was. I shuddered as the man ran his fingers over my exposed neck and shoulders.

“Well baby doll, you sure look glamorous in that sexy dress.”

I struggled with the ropes as the man jiggled an object near my ears. The splashing sound indicated that it was filled.

“However, all that glitters is not gold. Ain’t that right, baby? You are all rotten from the inside.”

I screamed in agony as he poured the liquid over me. I could hear his laughter.

“Here’s some holy water, demon lady. This ought to deterge you. You do not belong here, go back to hell!”

Word Count: 162



Scotts Daily Prompt “Need”

Word Prompt “Glamorous”

Your Daily Word Prompt – Deterge – November 15, 2018




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