First off, I apologize for the delay in posting this week’s challenge!


Here are the fantastic entries from  last week’s challenge themed ‘Black‘:

The Whacky Weekend Challenge #3 — Black – Ruth Scribbles

The Accident – This, That, and The Other

Dark Night of the Soul – Culture Shocks

My Unlived Life – Culture Shocks

Shine a Light – Musings of a Soul Eclectic

Gone into reverse – My Random Ramblings

Here we are – A Pause for Nature

Wacky Weekend Challenge # 3 – wide-eyed wanderer

Where are all the Greens? – And Miles to go before I sleep…

Erotic Micro-Fiction: Inked Submission


Another lovely roundup this week! 😀

I enjoyed all the reads here!!

Now, on to this week’s prompt….



Should you choose to accept the challenge, do leave the link to your response in the comments below.

To know all the details about this challenge follow the link below:

The Wacky Weekend Challenge Rules

Kindly respond to this challenge by the end of 9th December, 2018…

Happy reading, and happy writing! 🙂



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