Flash Fiction: The Woods 2

Find the prequels here:

Part 1- Twittering Tale: Campfire

Part 2- Flash Fiction: Boots

Part 3- Flash Fiction: Stay Out

Part 4- Flash Fiction: Into The Woods

Part 5- Flash Fiction: Into The Woods 2

Part 6- Flash Fiction: The Woods

Now the story continues…

The kids walked up to the car, hoping to find their friend inside.

Gathering their courage, they peeped into the car. A face stared back at them. The boys screamed upon looking at the pale adult face. A green liquid oozed out of the deathly eyes. The boys backed away from the car, filled with dread.

They heard Kye screaming out for help once again, from deeper into the forest. Before the boys could recover they heard a voice coming from behind them.

“Lost are we?”

(Find the sequel here – Flash Fiction: Camp in the Woods)

Word Count: 86


Kira’s Sunday Scribbles 27 Jan, 2019


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