Flash Fiction: Forest Flute

It held great power within it, the forest flute.

One day, a fair village maiden came across the flute on her way back from the forest. Little did she know, that this elegantly carved flute had been crafted by the wood elves and had been enchanted with their magic. The very next day, trying her hand at playing the flute, she realised she was capable of creating sweet melodies. These tunes attracted all the forest fauna in her vicinity. They would trot towards her, and surround her, becoming the perfect audience of her flute orchestra. Their heads swayed, ears tingled and their feet would tap in rhythm with the tunes she would play. This would become a daily affair. The problem arose many years later, after the forest had burnt down and the fauna had perished.

The tunes of the flute continued attracting the deceased animals. From beyond their graves…

Word Count: 150


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #1


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