Flash Fiction: Heritage Site

This was one boring vacation.

I looked at my wife staring at the stone houses in awe. The tour guide resumed his rehearsed speech.

Many hundred years ago, these houses were the homes of the Inca tribes native to this area. In the fifteenth century, they were the dominant power in this area. Then their civilization crumbled because of continuous wars, and their only memories remain these houses you see ahead. A traditional Inca warrior dressed in…

My wife cut in.

“..Colorful ponchos and carried a large spear with them.”

Very good, madam. I must say you know your history well.

“Oh not at all. I’m just describing your actor over there. See, more actors and coming and they’re raising their spears in greeting.”

What actors, madam?

I grabbed my wife’s hand, pulled her towards me and began running away, just as a volley of spears whizzed over our heads…

Word Count: 150


Historical Fiction Prompt by Nova


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