Microprose: Dull

It is way too quiet now.

The house has lost its charm. No melodies are heard within its walls. Animals and birds have stopped visiting our house. Life has become dull now.

Miss White did add colour to our lives…


YeahWrite #412 Microprose Challenge


      1. Aw, did Happy feel Grumpy? Did Doc have to attend him, administer drug, make his feel Sleepy? But what about Bashful and Sneezy? I guess the latter must have had allegies, while the former had confidence issues.

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  1. Oh, this makes me feel sad for the dwarves! The idea of Snow White adding color to their lives is very clever. The only suggestion I have is the verb tense in the first line. I think it might fit the rest of the piece better if the tenses matched (but maybe not). Nice job with this!

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