Microfiction: Hole

It was a quiet night.

I was returning from the market when it happened. The town went completely dark. The sky began glowing an ethereal blue. It took me a few minutes to notice the moon. It was gone. And in its place, was a hole that had opened up in the sky. It took me a few more moments to realize that there was no one around me anymore. Everyone had vanished. Try as much, I could not move a muscle.
A shadowy figure began materializing in front of me. A boy. He had no features on him. However, I could hear him speak to me, greeting me. I realized I could not reply. The hole began vanishing as suddenly as it had appeared. As the shadow boy began disappearing and the other townsfolk began reappearing I could hear his final words.

Remember, we are always around you…Always…

Word Count: 150


March Speculative Fiction Prompt


  1. Thanks so much for taking up the prompt. What a freaky little glimpse in another plane of reality. It makes me want to know more. 🙂 I’m so glad you decided to play, and I’ll get this lined up to share. 🙂

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  2. I love it when a story, literally, pulls the character out of their comfort zone. This character was faced with reality deteriorating around him and no one else to even see it happen. Just for it all to go back to normal in an instant. Leaving him to ask if it even happened. Isolation is a powerful thing indeed. Well done!

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