Flash Fiction: Bodyguard

I was hired by Mr. D to look over his son.

The little kid was always enthusiastic, and a tad bit too naughty. He would plod down the backyard road on his two tiny feet, when he thought I wasn’t looking. Sometimes, he would run out just to get me to follow him. I am glad I did not let up on my physical fitness, or else I would never have been able to keep up with the tyke.

I realized how much of the target the little kid was right in the first week. Two teams of kidnappers had made an attempt at taking the kid. My guns silenced their attempts. However, in the very next week, I learned that was not why I was hired, to keep the goons away. That time, I was a bit slow on the draw, and one of the kidnappers managed to grab the kid. Then all I saw was a bunch of razor sharp teeth, and blood splattering everywhere. After that day, I was clear about my work.

I was hired to keep the kidnappers away from the kid…

Word Count: 187


Sunday Photo Fiction 10th March 2019

Photo Credit- Lakshmi Bhat



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