A to Z Challenge: A – Arachnids

Welcome readers! I am Dr. Skull, and I’ll be taking over from The Dark Netizen.

The first tale is a tale from my pet Peter’s family. He’s such a good boy. I love how he decorates my house in cross patterns. Anyway, on to the first story…

I hate those eight legged creatures.

I mean, why do they even have eight limbs? Arachnids, we call them. They even spin those horrid sticky webs all around. And before you start defending them, I do have a valid reason for hating them.

When I was a little boy, I had come across a dirty black spider in my backyard. I had screamed out in terror, provoking the spider to move towards me. My dad was around and he swiftly came to my rescue. That is when it happened. The black spider bit my father, before running back into the jungle.I was only a little boy, and I had just seen my father’s head being bitten off.

Since that day, I have festered a hatred for those giant eight-legged freaks…

(Word Count: 130)

Well, mortals, I must admit, Peter is not quite as huge. He fits in my palm my little darling. His bite though, is much worse than his bark. It can melt skin right away. Why do you think I’m only bones now? Just kidding…

Do share your thoughts on the story, not that they matter to me, but The Dark Netizen seems to enjoy reading them! šŸ™‚


  1. Myself, I used to like spiders until one morning I reached into the wardrobe to find a clean blouse for work, and found a pair of spiders making out on the sleeve. I shook them into the bath and ran the water and thought that was it. But when I came home and went to run a bath, there were the spiders. One dead, and only partly a corpse. The other looking entirely satisfied.
    I live in the UK; we don’t have nasty spiders. Yet a hunter’s a hunter no matter where found, and the female hunter has a penchant for eating the heads of her mates. Nice. šŸ™‚


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