Microprose: Rings

Her fingers are dressed in weathered rings.

Each one of them reminds her of her biggest ordeals. Nine rings for nine horrors. As she enters the cave, she looks at her empty finger. The last ring will find its place today.

After she’s slain the last demon…


Yeahwrite #416 Microprose Challenge


  1. This sounds like the blurb on the back of a fantasy book (which I would totally read). I would’ve loved for there to be more of a resolution than a cliffhanger – show her holding the demon’s head by one horn, for example.

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    1. I was going exactly for that, Katie!
      I am so happy you read it as I intended! 😀
      The demons do allude to major challenges she has faced which may or may not have been physical demons! 😉


  2. Like Christine, I read this as a teaser for a much longer story! I want to know about the ordeals now, and how she overcame them. I wanted the rings to be both literal and metaphorical–a physical marker of the trials she’s overcome. The metaphors you’ve used work very nicely.


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