A to Z Challenge: G – Gremlins

Greetings, mortals. Have you ever wondered about aeroplanes? What about aeroplanes? Why they crash ofcourse. Discounting drunk pilots, unattentive air hostesses, crazy passengers, weird weather and terrorists, there are ofcourse the little buggers in the sky. No, not birds. Today’s tale is about these buggers….

My crew’s morale was not holding too well.

I don’t blame them. Doing daily bombing runs under heavy fire would take a toll on anyone’s nerves. I watched as my co-pilot Lieutenant Delaney muttered under his breath, probably praying to the lord. If I was a God-fearing man, I would have joined in. However, I chose to keep more faith in the men rather than the man. Today’s target was a weapon’s factory. Intel had informed that the Anti-aircraft guns had been taken care of by the commandos. So, the only opposition today was coming from enemy aircrafts.

My bomber’s escort planes had not failed us till now. I continued showing my faith in them, until I watched them explode in flames, courtesy enemy bullets. We were now flying defenceless in the air, our anti-air guns too slow to keep up with the enemy ace squadron. I looked at Delaney and smiled.

“We are sitting ducks out here. Hopefully, all that praying to God helps us now.”

Delaney shook his head and pointed outside.

“No sir. I was not praying to the lord. I was seeking the grace of the gremlins. Look.”

I looked outside to see an enemy aircraft coming right at us. Delaney stopped me from open firing at the aircraft. I could see plumes of smoke coming out from it. As it came closer, I saw what was causing the smoke. A bunch of tiny creatures had stuck on to the plane. The rest of my crew reported other enemy aircrafts going down in similar fashion.

Now, I am still not a God-fearing man, but I make sure to keep an eye out for Gremlins every time I am in the air…

Well, you kids make sure to keep your weather eyes out for these nasty little buggers. Who knows? You might find them on the next flight you take.

Until next time, high-flyers….


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