A to Z Challenge: J – Jinn

Greetings, mortals! Sorry for not telling you a story yesterday. I was too tired and wished I could take a break. And my wish did come true, I slept through the day. Always be careful about your wishes, mortals, for they may come true. Now listen well to the story…

It was my daily ritual.

I would walk on the beach every morning. I would keep an eye out for any discarded article or trash that might hold any value. On a good day, I would find some scraps I could sell for petty cash. On better days, I would find a ring or jewellery, that fetched me quite a price at the pawn shop. On most days however, I found only seaweed and shelves. This daily ritual of mine, kept me fed. As a homeless, unemployed man, only the beach served as my sustenance.

That day, was different. I found a weathered oil lamp. It was full of dents, and did not look valuable. I rubbed the sand off it to get a better look, and as I continued rubbing, I felt pulses of energy coming from the lamp, and within seconds it became too hot to hold. As I dropped it from my hand, and with a poof, an ethereal form appeared before me.

I fell back in shock. The figure was too bright for me to make out its features. However, I could understand its voice.

“I am the Jinn of this lamp. You have summoned me. Now state your wish, so I may fulfill it.”

I stuttered.

“I can ask for anything?”

The voice continued in its deep voice.

“Yes, any one thing.”

I stood up brushed the sand off.

“I want to be the richest man alive.”

I was not sure, but I think the Jinn laughed.

“Very well. Your wish will be granted.”

Everything around me vanished in an instant all the sand was replaced by piles of gold, and jewels. I was indeed the richest man now. But beyond the glimmer of gold, I could see only walls all around me.

The Jinn had completed his contract, fulfilled my wish and earned his freedom, trapping me inside the lamp in his stead…

I’m still waiting for the next person to find the lamp…

(Word Count: 330)

Well, my lovelies, this is what wishes can get you into. Now, on your way, mortals! Dr. Skull has a lot of sleep catching to do…


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