Microfiction: Denial

This is just not possible.

My plan’s airtight. Create a distraction at the party, sneak into the Director’s bedroom, wait for him to arrive and assassinate him. Perfect plan. It cannot fail. The distraction worked perfectly. Managed to sneak into the room without alerting anyone. I’m sure he’ll come in this red room. He cannot go about upsetting my planning like this.

I cannot accept that my colour-blindness can prevent me from becoming a top notch assassin.

Word Count: 77


Weekend Writing Prompt #105 – Denial

#BlogBattle: Airtight


  1. I thank you for my morning chuckle! Wonderful.
    Oddly, this reminds me of a lad I knew when I was a lass. He wanted to be an electrician, but they discovered him colourblind. Instead, he went on to become a crack marksman, even representing Britain in the Olympics.

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