Microfiction: Modern Art

My son beamed proudly as he presented his latest acquisition to me.

“Look here pops, this is 2000 dollars well spent.”

I was dumbfounded.

“Son, what exactly is this?”

“This is true modern art.”

I shook my head and remembered times past, when art was simply pretty landscapes and portraits…

Word Count: 50


Six Sentence Story “Simple”

50 Word Thursday #26


  1. I could relate to the sentiment of this story so well. My reaction would also be “you paid how much for this??” Beauty and value are truly in the eye of the beholder, but I sometimes think we are being hoodwinked a bit in our willingness to pay large sums for what we are told is “the in thing”, and not just when it comes to art. I am drawn to simplicity and realism.


  2. I find many of the modern art pieces disturbing, while others make me laugh. There are many other art pieces that are so much more beautiful and satisfying to me.

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