Flash Fiction: Future Art

This was boring.

I should have expected this when I signed up for the ‘Art of the Future’ fair. However, my then alcohol fuelled brain had failed to consider how boring the endeavour could be. The art structure in front of me was titled ‘Fuel of the Future’. The artist was proudly presenting it as his vision of a post ten year future: Flying cars which recharged with giant plugs. I shrugged as I clicked my chronometer and travelled twenty years into the future, where I hailed from.

I tsked as I saw the streets still crowded by cars…

Word Count: 99


Friday Fictioneers 12th July 2019


  1. Recently in the news there was a report that electric cars are not the answer to anything – what needs to happen is less cars, that’s the only way things improve. Nice take.


  2. Once a long time ago, a science fiction writer envisioned a world where people communicated by little handheld devices that could be clipped on a belt… everyone thought it hilariously ridiculous… 20 years later…those same people are addicted to their cell phones…. just saying…


  3. Old habits die hard. Difficult to get away from fossil fuel as source of energy till it is completely exhausted. No wonder twenty years post invention, cars were still crawling on the roads and rechargeable flying cars were nowhere to be found.


  4. Yes, change comes slowly. the best journeys in life are contained in the expansion of great imaginations. Cars, well we might call them something else in 20 years time but they will still be super mobility devices.


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