Flash Fiction: Delivery Drones

I watched from my armchair as my son ran towards the window and flung it open.

Before I could ask about his sudden adrenaline boost on a sunday afternoon, he squealed out to me.

“There it is, our pizza’s here!”

That was hardly a reason to make such a fuss. He had just had breakfast a couple of hours ago. He couldn’t be that hungry. My son sensed my thoughts.

“Dad! You’ve got to see this. They are delivering our pizza using a drone. The Pizza Planet people are so cool and smart.”

I watched as the drone flew up to the open window and dropped the pizza into my son’s hands. As soon as the drone had gone out of sight, my son opened the box.

“Dad! They have delivered the wrong pizza.”

I sniggered softly.

Looks like they weren’t so smart after all…

Word Count: 145


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #22


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