Flash Fiction: What The World Has Come To

“Hey there, mate.”

The old guard turned around to see a bunch of teenagers step out of their flashy cars. They were dressed up opulently and reeked of booze.

“How can I help you, sir?”

“Is the washroom here?”

“No, sir. It is further ahead. This is the art exhibition.”

“Well, the art looked like shit, so we thought it was the loo.”

The teenagers guffawed and sped away.

The old guard lit a cigarette and turned towards the main exhibit.

“That’s right. Cover your face so that you don’t have to see what the world has come to.”

Word Count: 99


Friday Fictioneers 19th July 2019


  1. Excellent. Stupidity and rudeness are everpresent and instead of having consequences, all too often this behaviour is rewarded. Sad times.


  2. Forgive the length of this comment. This makes me think of the controversies about Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain,” a urinal, presented to test the broad-mindedness of the curators of an exhibition, on the question of what qualifies as art.

    Also the Mapplethorpe controversy as to what is art and what mere obscenity comes to mind, since it set off the wars on public funding of art in the US, which continue to this day.

    In addition to lamenting the disrespect of youth, you make a good case that art must be protected from those who don’t care to understand it.

    I found this quote saying something similar in a New York Times article on the nature of art:

    What’s hard for people to accept is that issues of art are just as difficult as issues of molecular biology; you cannot expect to open up a page on molecular biology and understand it. This is the hard news about art that irritates the public. if people are going to be irritated by that, they just have to be irritated by that.


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  3. Art is always in the eye of the beholder, although that’s no excuse to be rude about it. As far as what the world is coming to? Young people have been annoying their elders for as long as stories have been told, and yet each new generation of adults thinks the younger one is worse than any other in history. 🙂

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