Three Line Tale: Snake Show

Come one, come all to my snake show, and yes it is absolutely safe and free.

I need a volunteer and you will do perfectly ma’am, see how my snake shows affection by hugging you.

So, that’s fifty dollars, not for the show, that is free, but the fee is only so that my slithering friend here loosens his grip…


Three Line Tales, Week 188

Photo by Prescott Horn via Unsplash


  1. I smile at that. 🙂
    Have you ever seen a python stretch out? I have. Hung around its handler’s shoulders, it decided to stretch out just as I approached. I couldn’t get past it without, what for me, was far too close an encounter (at the time I was snake-phobic, I’m not anymore)

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      1. I wrote about them. Snakes feature in my fiction. But to do that, I had to learn more about them. Which meant having to look at photos of them.
        Before the fiction, I almost stood on one, and that so freaked me, years of nightmares followed. And in the end I said, this is silly. Got to get over it. And so I persisted. When you have control of that snake, cos it’s one of your characters, the relationship changes.
        I’m still not happy to be in their company, but I will walk where I know there are snakes … I look where I put my feet. And I’ll still get the shudders, but not the terrors.

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      2. Maybe I should market it? But, more seriously, often our fear is of something beyond our control. That’s one reason folks like to watch thrillers and action movies: it allows them to live through their fears and, vicariously, deal with them. Essential one person in the movie survives.


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