Six Word Story: Scam

“Honey?! This Nigerian Prince Needs Help!”


Prompt – Six Word Story Challenge – Scam


This scam is a type of Advanced Fee Scam, one of the most common frauds out there. It involves a fraudster posing as an influential person (A Nigerian Prince, FBI Agent, Royalty, etc) and offer a large sum of money to the victim, in return of a small upfront payment.

Once the victim pays the amount, the fraudster simply disappears or asks for more subsequent payments. There are other variants where the fraudster asks for personal banking details.

You can read more about the scam here


      1. I wasn’t born yesterday.
        And this last week I’ve had three calls supposedlt from BT to tell me they’re to cut off my internet connection because of miss-use. I reported immediately.
        But It’s good to raise awareness.

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