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Flash Fiction: Cpt. Pike

While watching his grand daughter throwing a tantrum, grandpa Pike realised that the little girl needed some roving.

All dressed up in her winter clothes, which still hung loose from her tiny body, Pike took her on a walk, accompanied by a story.

“No grandpa, tell me a story I have not heard, something new.”

“Well little one, this very street we are walking on, has a special story, a war time story – the story of Captain Pike…”

Right now, at this moment and in this place, Pike and the girl were invisible, lost in the tales of the past…


50 Word Thursday #25

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Flash Fiction: Revenge 1

This is the third part of this tale.

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Jon looked at the bottle of whiskey in adoration. It was a present from his partners in crime.

He took a swig. The amber liquid entered his body, warming up every part that it touched. Jon coughed. It was his first real drink. He took another swig. This time, the drink seemed to carry more weight inside his throat. In a gag reflex, he coughed, spraying drops of blood all over his sheet. Among the blood, he could see small wooden splinters. In an instant, Jon collapsed to the floor, clutching his throat.

The witch had claimed one. Two remained.

(To be continued)

Word Count: 100


Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge “Weight”

FoWC with Fandango “Present”


Image credit: Casadores by Carlos Torres

Flash Fiction: Hoax

He enjoyed pulling his gullible little sister’s leg.

He told her about a contraption that produced pink birthday cakes. She was severely berated when she naively asked their parents for the contraption as her birthday gift. He relished it. She believed him when he told her that the tooth fairy would pay more for her tooth if she stopped brushing. He guffawed when that drew more scolding from their parents. She even believed him when he told her about shark men.

However, he refused to fall for her hoax when she pointed out to the vulture man outside the window.

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 15th June

3 Things Challenge 18th June : Shark, Birthday Cake, Tooth Fairy

A New Daily Post Word Prompt 18th June : Contraption

Word of the Day Challenge 18th June : Hoax



100 Word Wednesday: Bookshelf

I love my bookshelf. Made from pine, it fits the aesthetics of my room. I am quite proud of it because I built it myself.

The bookshelf is adorned with books. Books that told me stories, given me ideas, and knowledge. I have learned a lot about my fellow humans from them. In fact, I love them exactly as they are. Can’t displace even one of them.  You see, if I pick up the one titled Life, the bookshelf opens up to reveal the entrance to my secret lair.

Can’t risk anyone finding the bodies there. Never!


Word count: 97


Written for 100 Word Wednesday: Week 70

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