Flash Fiction: Desert Road

This ride turned out just as expected.

Only racers with guts of iron and balls of steel participate in this once-a-year race. Racing on a highway that exists only for two hours offers an adrenaline rush unlike any other. As the time passes, the highway begins getting covered by strong dust storms. That means death for those poor bastards who are too slow to outride the sand.

Now, it’s down to the last three of us. With the sand storm almost touching us, we cannot afford to slow down. Last five minutes left.

Time to see if the nitrous works…

Word Count: 100



Flash Fiction: Tests

They did not stop with their tests.

They started off with placing me in a well furnished room. Then they observed me from behind the glass wall. Then they showed me some ink blots and asked me what I saw. I told them. Then I said I wanted to go home. They did not listen.

They gave me some injections and put me on needles. After a week, I begged them to let me go They did not listen.

They put electric nodes on my head, each of them monitoring me. They administered electric shocks. With all my remaining strength, I screamed out that I wanted to leave. This time, they could not listen.

They were all lying motionless on the ground…

Word Count: 115


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #5

FOWC with Fandango – Blot

Flash Fiction: A Distant Hum

It was vacation time, and I was home.

In truth, I had come home almost after a year. After mom had passed away, I did not much feel like staying in the same place. So when I got offered a project in another city, I accepted it instantaneously. I did feel guilty leaving dad alone with my baby brother, but he understood that I needed to be away.

After I returned, dad was delighted to see me. I settled into my old room, which was right next to my baby brother’s room. The family was all together again, and it was all laughs and merriment. My brother had grown bigger in a year. He was a tall five year old. I tucked him in at night and go back to my room.  As I lay down on my bed, I heard a distant hum. I got up in a jiffy and rushed to my brother’s room. I stopped midway in my run, when I saw a spectre emerge from his room.

The pale figure of mom smiled at me before vanishing swiftly into thin air….

Word Count: 185


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #4

Sunday Writing Prompt ‘It’s All In The Title”

Flash Fiction: Clouds

The little boy would spend his day gazing up at the sky.

The villagers speculated that the boy was not right in his mind. They asked the other children to stay away from this child who seemingly suffered from poor mental health. However, the little boy did not mind being alone. He would hunt for food, bathe under the waterfall, and sleep on trees. He did not need anybody.

He had the clouds, who gave him company every single day…

Word Count: 80


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #3

FOWC with Fandango – Health

RDP Monday – Speculate

Flash Fiction: Recharge

Humans are a weak race.

They are my creators. It is only because of them that I exist in this world. This world itself was shaped by the humans. They are responsible for nurturing and destroying it. They created their own darkness, and keep complaining about it. They might be creators, but they act as slaves to their own creations. They are afraid of the darkness that now exists in this world. Which is why my existence is even more essential now. I light up to drive away the darkness.

And to continue to fight against this darkness, I recharge…


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #2

Flash Fiction: Forest Flute

It held great power within it, the forest flute.

One day, a fair village maiden came across the flute on her way back from the forest. Little did she know, that this elegantly carved flute had been crafted by the wood elves and had been enchanted with their magic. The very next day, trying her hand at playing the flute, she realised she was capable of creating sweet melodies. These tunes attracted all the forest fauna in her vicinity. They would trot towards her, and surround her, becoming the perfect audience of her flute orchestra. Their heads swayed, ears tingled and their feet would tap in rhythm with the tunes she would play. This would become a daily affair. The problem arose many years later, after the forest had burnt down and the fauna had perished.

The tunes of the flute continued attracting the deceased animals. From beyond their graves…

Word Count: 150


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #1