In Other Words

Rhyme: Aflame

The dragon looks at me with narrowed eyes,

It’s fiery breath towards me flies.

Just in time I shield myself, or I would have been aflame,

Treating a dragon with a cold, is no easy game…


In Other Words, aflameā€¦

#BlogBattle: Shield

Rhyme: My Pancakes

The lads are out, all playing in the snow,

But as time passes, their hunger will grow.

The pancakes sit ready, now eyed by Mr. Cat

Coz the secret ingredient is a pesky little rat…


In Other Words, pancakesā€¦

Microfiction: Decision

I watched as the kid reached the point of divergence.

Now he had to choose between the two roads, the same as I did when I was his age.

One road led to a peaceful bright path, aiding people by healing their traumas, a life that definitely lead to heaven’s door.

The second road led down a bloody path, full of violence, aiding some people by decimating others; a definite path to the gates of hell.

I was pleased with the choice he made, it gave me reason to draw my weapons again…

Word Count: 93


In Other Words, Decisions