Microfiction: A.C.E Up My Sleeve

It was not the first time Syren was being shot at.

However, it was the first time she was being shot at without her trusty blaster by her side. She had been stupid enough to have lost it in the barrage of fire that was being directed towards her. She only had one card left to play, her A.C.E. She switched her distress signal on and ducked under the table, which wasn’t going to hold out against blaster fire. It didn’t have to.

A.C.E’.s timely entry and vast arsenal made quick work of Syren’s assailants.

Word Count: 95


The Aether Prompt: July 10th, 2019

Twittering Tale: Intervention

I’m the only one against the idea.

Everyone else seemed okay with it. We wait in the kitchen while the two sort out their differences outside. I’m unsure about leaving the two unsupervised. With them things tend to fly out of proportion.

Thank God, this party has a no-guns theme…

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #144 – 9 July 2019

Microfiction: The Beast

Its appearance disturbed the quiet of the forest.

The legendary beast was as beautiful as it was ferocious. It made quick work of most of the party. I was enthralled by its presence as it chewed up my last remaining partner. I did not want to harm it.

It didn’t resonate with those thoughts…

Word Count: 54


Weekend Writing Prompt #113 – Enthral

#SoCS – July 6 2019

Three Line Tale: The Castle

The castle still stands, as it did a thousand years ago.

It has seen all the faces of war, and the evolution of human weapons from swords and bows to tanks and guns.

Yet, it chose never to intervene with its armies, remaining hidden from the greedy eyes of humans; which is why it still remains standing…


Three Line Tales, Week 179

Microfiction: Lantern

They always follow the light.

Floating frivolously in the air, they are granted purpose only by the light of the lantern. My lantern. Every night I walk across the field and every night they follow me. Sometimes only tens, but on other nights thousands come , forming a long caravan of soft illumination. These floating souls need a path to reach the afterlife.

I show them that path, with my lantern…

Word Count: 70


The Aether Prompt: July 3rd, 2019

Twittering Tale: Dream Come True

I enjoyed my job.

It didn’t pay much, but being in a garage let me be close to cars. Sometimes, I would get to lay my hands on some exotic models. When the Beetle was brought in, it was a dream come true.

However, finding the cash stash underneath truly made my dreams come true…

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #143 – 2 July 2019

Microfiction: Golden Treasure

This was it, the X on my map.

I had ventured into the great barren plains with my goal clearly set in mind. Through sheer grit and determination did I make my way through the harsh conditions. My labours had yielded results. The huge protrusion in the ground began parting as I stepped towards it. Its insides emitted a golden glow so strong, that I had to shield my eyes. The aroma instantly made my mouth water. I’d found my treasure.

The perfect baked giant-potato…

Word Count: 85


The Aether Prompt: June 26th, 2019