Flash Fiction: Fight

I ducked and rolled, dodging the roundhouse kick thrown at me.

The crowd cheered on as my opponent backed up and assumed his ready stance. I got back to my feet and brushed the dust off my body. This was one tough bugger. He was still standing after three of my punches had made acquaintance with his face. Underground fighting is a dirty, tough world. I have been bruised and battered in the many scraps I have been a part of. But none were as tough or as important as this one.

This one is to save my family…

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch November 15 Flash Fiction Challenge

November 17/18 SoCS

Flash Fiction: Paparazzi

There she is, today is the day I finally capture her on my camera.

I have to make sure that she does not spot me as she steps out of her house. This summer garb looks so lovely on her, raising the hotness quotient of this sunny day. I am drenched in sweat, waiting for the perfect shot. Ah, there she is ready to guzzle down that bottle of water, draining it thirstily. This is it, the perfect candid shot. Completely natural. That’s it, a simple point-and-click.


Now, to add this camera to my collection of celebrity cameras…



Saturday Mix – Same Same But Different, 3 November 2018

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 3/18

Flash Fiction: Sea Bones

The fishing boats had returned from their morning runs; sea creatures of every sort lay atop the metal tables along the ports eastern flank.

Detective Burns doused his cigarette as a fisherman rushed up to him.

“Ah! Detective, I was the one who had called.”

“Very well. Show me this skeleton that you fished out.”

The fisherman removed the cloth covering the table, and revealed a neatly laid out human skeleton. The dog tag still hanging around the neck bone read ‘Luca Brasi‘.

The detective called the Chief.

“Sir, I think Don Corleone will be most interested in this catch…”

I hope fans of The Godfather liked this reference! 😀

Luca Brasi’s death makes for an interesting turn in the story, for sure.

What do you guys think about Mario Puzo’s masterpiece? Who is your favorite character? Do let me know in the comments.

Read more about Detective Burns here:



Happy reading! 🙂

Word Count: 100


50 word Thursday #24 

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 27/18

Flash Fiction: Ingredients

I looked at the receipt and then at my shopping list.


“Okay, that’s done then. Fruits are off my list. I already got sugar, picked a generous amount of spices. Am I forgetting anything?”

I admit talking to myself makes me appear as a mad scientist to the bystanders. And they would not be completely wrong. I am a genius, so yes, partly mad, and I am a professor of science. So yeah, I do talk to myself all the time so that I do not forget something. It helps most of the times.

“Okay, so flowers are nice things. I’ll pick a nice bunch of them on the way home. That should complete all the ingredients. Oh yes! And I should definitely remember not to add Chemical X!”

Related image

Word Count: 130


SoCS Sept. 22/18

Fractured Faith Flash Fiction Challenge 4

Flash Fiction: Earworm

Ever heard the song called Headline?

It’s stuck in my head in a loop. Sure, I have had my share of earworms. However, this song is quite something else. I was warned against it. Now, I hear it, I hum it, I even talk about it all the time.

Ever heard the song called Headline…?

Word Count: 55


Weekend Writing Prompt #71 – Headline

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 8/18

Flash Fiction: The Inn

Marak trudged through the slushy roads, making sickening squishy sounds with every step.

It had been a long trek, and Marak’s heavy backpack was weighing him down. He pined for a hot meal. He had never gone hungry for even a day before this, let alone three. He had almost made up his mind to toss his bag, when he spotted The Inn.

He could feel hope re-enter his body. He summoned his remaining strength and dragged his heavy load to The Inn’s door. He saw that a notice hung on the door. It was written in a script he did not understand, so he paid it no heed. He pushed lightly on the door with the intent to knock, but to his surprise, the door swung open. Marak saw a round table with hooded figures sitting at it. One of them spoke up.

“How did you enter the secret lair?”

Marak shrugged.

“The Inn has been enchanted to allow only the greatest of individuals to enter. Individuals who are destined to change the world. You, young man are one such person. Chosen by Fate itself.”

Marak scratched his nose.

“All that’s fine, mate. But, do you serve food here?

Word Count: 200


Sunday Photo Fiction August 26, 2018

SocS August 25/18

Flash Fiction: Comet

“Whoa! What is that?”

Ethan had taken his little sister for camping. He looked at his little sister pointing up at the astronomical expanse. He could see what she was referring to.

“That is a comet.”

“A comet? What are those?”

Ethan adored his little sister. However, the way she asked so many questions about everything annoyed him to no end. He decided to have some fun.

“A comet is an alien flying so fast, that its ass starts burning, and it leaves a trail.”

“So cool!! We spotted an alien.”


*Many miles above*

“How did the earthling know?”

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch August 16 Flash Fiction Challenge

SocS August 18/18


Image Credit: “The Comet”  artwork by Edward Hagedorn

Flash Fiction: Treatment

“So, what can you see in this ink blot, Dennis?”

Dr. Cutberth watched intently, as Dennis stared at the Rorschach Test. Dennis stuttered.

“M..m..moons. I can see different moons.”

Dr. Cutberth scribbled on his notepad. He noticed Dennis’ piloerection. That was never a good sign.

“Okay, Dennis. Now, I want you to come up to the window and look at the sky. Tell me what you see.”

Dennis did as he was told.

“Doctor, I can see the clouds and the stars. And..and the moon.”

Dr. Cutberth found that quite curious. It was a no-moon night. There was no moon out there. He seated the shuddering Dennis down and offered him a cup of hot chocolate. Dennis clutched it in his hands and sipped on it.

“One last question, Dennis. These blackouts you mentioned. When did they start?”

“Around two months ago. I think I had around four of these blackouts. I just can’t recall anything about them.”

The doctor scribbled some more on his notepad. Dennis looked at the doctor with scared eyes.

“Am I going mad, doctor? Am I sick? Can you treat me?”

The doctor placed a comforting hand on Dennis’ shoulder and handed him a prescription note.

“Don’t worry Dennis. It will be taken care of. I have prescribed some Ag pellets for you. Just hand the slip to my assistant, Miss Blossom, outside. She will take care of it.”

Dennis shook the doctor’s hand.

“Thank You, doctor.”

The doctor smiled and shut the door of his room, as Dennis left. He quickly made a call on his phone.


“Another one. There is a sudden alarming rise in the population of werewolves. Let’s see what Helsing has to say about this…”

Word Count: 281


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Sunday Writing Prompt “Rorschach Test 3”

Word of the Day Challenge “Blossom”

FOWC with Fandango “Treat”

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Flash Fiction: Target Sighted

This is the Sixth part of this story!

Read the prequels here:

Part 1- Twittering Tales: Statues

Part 2- Flash Fiction: Nice Neighborhood

Part 3- Twittering Tale: Raindrops

Part 4- Flash Fiction: Briefing

Part 5- Flash Fiction: The Hunt Begins

As the trio reached the edge of the forest, they looked upon the neighborhood from their vantage point.

Medusa’s chaotic art was on display. Dozens of statues decorated the silent town-centre. The neighborhood had been stripped of all its pace, and brought to a complete stand still. Billy gasped.

“She is such a monster.”

Perseus snorted.

“We made that monster. Her appearance, her powers were all our doing. (Read more about this in Flash Fiction: Transform) She was the first of the Demigod Programme.”

Keynes interjected.

“As I recall, she volunteered…”

Perseus interrupted, pointing in the neighborhood’s direction.

“Target sighted.”

(Find the sequel here: Flash Fiction: Disturbance)


50 Word Thursday #12

SoCS August 4, 2018

FOWC with Fandango “Pace”


Flash Fiction: Wedding Gift

The wedding loomed closer and all Tay could do was think of storm clouds. He did not want any delays in the arrival of the wedding gift because of the rains.

Tay had taken it upon himself to supervise all the wedding preparations. After all, it was his closest friend’s wedding. His closest friend also happened to be the Chieftain of the tribe, and Tay happened to be the second-in-command. It was a time of war, and Tay had to make sure the event would go smoothly, as planned. He had already set a plan in motion that would ensure that.

He peered down the hill, towards where the stairs began. The wedding gift should be arriving soon. The sun was almost up, and the wedding was scheduled to begin at dawn. Tay began pacing up and down the stairs. The sky rumbled. It looked like it was going to be a rain ceremony. Just as the first drops of rain began hitting the ground, Tay spotted the messenger. He rode up the stairs on his horse and presented Tay with a sack. Tay looked into the sack, and nodded satisfactorily. Yes, the wedding gift was here – a sack of mystery meat to be cooked for the wedding meal.

Tay knew that his friend would enjoy eating the hearts of his enemies on his big day.

Word Count: 227


Thursday photo prompt: Summit #writephoto

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 21/18

Gifts — Week Long Challenge: 10-gallon container of mystery meat (cheated a bit, over here!)

First Line Friday: July 20th, 2018