A to Z Challenge: M – Mandragora

Greetings, mortals. Are we halfway there already? Time sure does fly. Do you ever need advice? Who do you turn to? In this story, our protagonist requires some advice. Listen well…

What is the missing ingredient?

I have tried so hard to finish my potion. But, perfection still eludes me. If only I knew what I am missing. Help me, my Mandragora.

I have observed you toiling over your potion. Immortality is no joke, my young sorcerer. You cannot handle it.

You were given to me to aid me in anyway. That was the will of Satan.

Do not presume to know the will of Satan. He is far beyond your meagre comprehension. As for helping you, I will. But remember, you asked for it. Observe me as I reveal the missing ingredient to you.

Yes, of course. This is what I was missing. Now my potion is ready. Here it goes. I guess, tasty was never an option. I do feel it working, though. Immortality! Here I come!

No! No! What is this? Why is everything so huge? Have I shrunk?

Welcome to the family. You are now one of us. A Mandragora, doll of Satan…

(Word Count: 166)

Now that’s where bad advice gets you. Remember, mortals. Always be careful about who you take advice from. You can always ask me, Dr. Bones. I can guarantee you’ll have a long life like me! 😉

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Microfiction: Our Black Hole

It instantly became a hot topic of discussion.

Getting a real image of a black hole all those years ago, was a real achievement back then. People had gone bonkers about it. In the years to come, scientists continually observed the entity, hoping to learn more about it. Which they did.

They learned that contrary to their studies, the black hole wasn’t expanding, it was moving. It was moving towards our solar system. That became the top priority for all space-age countries. They worked together to develop a means to combat it. The culmination of the research stands in front of you – Our very own black hole. It will soon be launched at the invading entity.

Fighting fire with fire….

Word Count; 120


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #82

Sunday Photo Fiction – April 14, 2019


Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

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A Bucket of Water

Find all the amazing flash fiction’s from the Carrot Ranch community here! 🙂

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

A familiar item found around the world and throughout time– a bucket of water. And just as common — a Harry Belefonte song, Hole in the Bucket.

No matter how familiar, creative writers can shape the ordinary into remarkable stories.

The following are based on the March 21, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that features a bucket of water.

PART I (10-minute read)

Note to the Netherworld by Violet Lentz

When I abandoned all aspects of self, and melted into you, I thought, how can I lose you, if there is no distinction between where you end, and I begin?

So when I lost you, still impervious to the fact that I was ever a whole person without you, I built a life on the foundation of your loss.

Recently I remembered, I once had a bucket list all my own. I checked…

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Flash Fiction: Ferris Wheel

I have been coming here since I was a kid.

This amusement park is my second home. I know everything about it. How long each ride runs, the speeds, in how many minutes does the ferris wheel reach the top, everything. In fact, the wheel was my first ride here, when my parents had brought me many many years ago. The wheel takes a slight pause at precisely 9 pm, when the power line switched. It is the best time to be in the top pod. Which is where I am. One last sight of the city.

Before the final plunge…

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 22nd March 2019

Flash fiction…

This is genius storytelling! 😀

for Friday Fictioneers

chic-chak-zubra.regular (4)“Who’s there?”


“Disguise who?”

“Disguise in love with you!”

They did it every night when John got home.


chic-chak-zubra.regular (4)“Why the funny voice?”  Lea giggled.


“John, you’re scaring me”

She opened the door, just a little. A man in a hoodie barged his way in and thumped the lightswitch plunging the flat into darkness.

“Get out” yelled Lea.

He lowered his hood and shone a torch from beneath his chin.

“I said I’d find you Lea”

What the hell do you want Mike?”

“Stupid question Lea. I’m collecting what’s mine”


chic-chak-zubra.regular (4)Nothing.

“Knock-knock”, louder.

“Lea, knock-knock sweetheart!”


John unlocked the door.

Lea was nowhere to be seen.




Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo is by J Hardy Carroll

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Flash Fiction: Hunt In The Woods

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Part 7- Flash Fiction: The Woods 2

Part 8- Flash Fiction: Camp In The Woods

Now the story continues…

The pale man got up from his seat and walked up to the kids.

“Who are these runts, Billy?”

Billy introduced the two kids to Special Agent Perseus.

“This is Gary, and this is Roger. I found them in the woods when I was scouting. Their friend, Kye, was taken by it.”

Perseus stared at the two kids before turning around.

“Come, sit at the fire.”

Gary turned to Perseus.

“Sir, what is that thing?”

Perseus stared at the woods.

“That thing, is an Acheri. And it is my prey.”

Perseus smiled weakly as he drew his heavy silver pistol…

(Find the next part here- Flash Fiction: The Acheri )

Word Count: 100

Prompt: Friday Fictioneers 8th February 2018


Flash Fiction: Camp in the Woods

Find the prequels here:

Part 1- Twittering Tale: Campfire

Part 2- Flash Fiction: Boots

Part 3- Flash Fiction: Stay Out

Part 4- Flash Fiction: Into The Woods

Part 5- Flash Fiction: Into The Woods 2

Part 6- Flash Fiction: The Woods

Part 7- Flash Fiction: The Woods 2

Now the story continues…

The boys gasped and turned slowly.

The found a young man dressed in a black suit smiling at them. On his hips lay holstered a huge pistol. The kids began backing away. The man raised his arms in the air and went down on one knee, making sure the kids could see him eye to eye.

“Hey! Don’t worry, guys. I won’t hurt you.”

Gary and Roger stopped in their tracks. The man continued smiling at them as he put one hand inside his pocket and fished out a badge.

“You see kids, I’m Agent Billy. You are safe with me.”

Gary spoke softly.

“Do you know what that face was? And our friend, he has disappeared. He was screaming, and..”

Billy nodded.

“Yes, I know that kids. Okay, first things first, what are your names?”

“I’m Gary and this is Roger. And our friend Kye is missing.”

Billy stood up and walked towards the kids.

“Okay, we will find Kye. I promise. All I need to know is, do you trust me?”

Gary looked at Roger. Roger nodded slowly.

“We trust you Agent Billy.”

Billy smiled again and adjusted his glasses.

“I have a camp set up close by, where my partner is waiting for me. If someone knows how to get Kye back, its my partner. Come, lets go to the camp. Its not safe out here. Just keep your eyes peeled, okay?”

The two boys nodded in unison and began following closely behind Billy, who led them deeper into the woods. In a few minutes, the boys found themselves facing a huge hollow tree, surrounded by perimeter lights. In front of the tree, the boys saw a ghostly figure sitting cross legged facing them. Billy ruffled the boys’ hair.

“That’s my partner, Special Agent Perseus.”

(Read the next part here – Flash Fiction: Hunt In The Woods)

(To read more about Billy and Perseus read The Statues Series here )

Word Count: 298


Tell The Story Challenge

I nominate –

Asha Seth

Laura Bailey


If they choose to accept, they would have to tell a story about the following image:

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