Microfiction: Open Book

The playground was empty.

This was strange. I had been kept back in detention for an hour after school. The soccer team practiced at this time every day, but they were nowhere to be seen. Even the other kids who generally hung around after school were missing. I walked around the playground looking all around. It seemed like even my friends had ditched me. As I decided to go home, my eyes fell upon an open book, its pages fluttering in the wind. I went near it and picked it up. The page read Don’t Read Me…

I guess it was too late for that, too late for me to go home.

I joined the other kids, becoming just one among the book’s many pages…

Word Count: 125


#TellTaleThursday – 18th April 2019

Flash Fiction: Foiled

This is the third time in quick succession that they have foiled my plans.

This isn’t good for my reputation and it is even worse for my familia. Our funds are running dry. I just cannot fathom how they are one step ahead of every move I make. I’ve already purged out the traitors. Every single man under me is loyal. Then how do they do it? It is almost as if they have ears in this room. Wait a minute. Let me make a nice, silent sweep of the war room.

Aha! As I thought. There’s a bug in the house. I could crush it right here. But no, I’m going to use this bug to hunt bigger game…

Word Count: 120


11th April 2019 #TellTaleThursday

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

Microfiction: Cold Water

The water is cold.

No, I must not think of that. The water is refreshingly warm. It engulfs me snugly like a blanket on a wintery night. In no way can it harm me. The Deep Ones will surely see that I am one with the water. They will surely spare me when they finally surface, choosing to enslave me instead. I would gladly serve them, my aquatic masters. I only have to remember, that the water is not cold.

Another ten hours to go…

Word Count: 85


#TellTaleThursday – 4th April 2019
#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

Microfiction: Flowers at Grave

The little girl placed the flowers at the grave.

She held her mother’s hand and sobbed.

“Why did papa have to go? He was going to teach me cycling this week.”

Her mom consoled her.

“Don’t cry little one. God called him because he needed him. So, papa had to go.”

The little girl looked up at the cloudy sky.

“I wish God would send him back. I need him more than God.”

Mother held the girl close and began walking back to the car.

“We both do, child.”

As they left, the flowers placed by the little girl were not the only ones at the grave.

Fresh flowers began growing out of the soil…

Word Count: 115


TellTale Thursday 28th March 2019
#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

Microfiction: Festival Of Colours

The celebrations were vibrant like every year.

The townsfolk were making merry in the streets, enjoying the festival of colours. Powders and waters of different hues were being tossed around. The blues mixed with the greens and the yellows to create a joyous chaos. No one noticed at first that the people suddenly falling down, were not collapsing because of the effects of bhang. They only realised the truth when they saw that the red on the fallen was not colour.

The dacoits had attacked!

Word Count: 85

Prompt: #TellTaleThursday – 21st March 2019

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

Flash Fiction: The Wardrobe

Five hundred rupees was all I needed.

There was this cute girl I had asked out for a movie, and I knew my dad was not going to give me an advance on my pocket money. I needed to steal it. I snuck into my dad’s room while he was out on his morning walk. I opened his wardrobe and stuck my hands inside, looking for the cash that I knew he kept around somewhere behind all his huge coats. My fingers made contact with a handle, which I promptly pulled. The wardrobe swung open revealing a hidden compartment in the wall. I almost screamed when I saw a skeleton neatly sitting in the compartment. However, I could not contain my scream any louder when I noticed the necklace around the skeleton’s neck.

Mom used to wear such a necklace….

Word Count: 140


A secret place at your home.. you didn’t know about

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

Flash Fiction: Under My Bed

“Mama, there’s someone under my bed!”

Mom leaned in closer to her daughter.

“What did you say sweetie?”

She whispered to mom.

“Under my bed. There is someone there.”

Mom sighed.

“We have been through this before, Nancy. There is no one there.”

“But there is, mom. He is there every night.”

Mom rolled her eyes.

“Okay, I am going to check it one more time. I go down. And as I said, there is no one here.”

Nancy huffed. Mom kissed her on the forehead.

“Good night, sweetie. Sleep well.”

“Good night, mommy.”

After mom had left, Nancy spoke aloud.

“She still can’t see you. This is wrong.”

“She will, someday….”

Came a soft voice from under the bed…

Word Count: 123


#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

Flash Fiction: Her Eyes

It was all in her eyes.

Our paths crossed in the bazaar. She was standing at the wine merchant’s, drawing no attention to herself. As I waited for the merchant to fetch my wine, I happened to gaze upon her face. Having seen exotic beauties, I thought nothing special of it. However, my thoughts changed once I saw her eyes. Those sapphire blue eyes. She did not attempt to look away. I felt as if my heart was about to stop, the way she was looking at me. Everything else began fading into darkness. The bazaar sounds lulled. I could only see her eyes. I did not see who did it, but someone pulled her and dragged her away. I snapped out from my trance, all my senses returned to me. I caught my reflection in the merchant’s mirror. I looked paler than snow.

Beware those soul stealers, her eyes…

Word Count: 150


#TellTaleThursday – 17th January 2019
#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya